Weekly Service

A swimming pool is about enjoyment and relaxation not about stress and frustration. We take pride in providing reliable, consistent and professional weekly pool maintenance services to our customers. We will treat you and your property with respect and courtesy. We understand that our customers want to have a stress free experience when they look out into their backyard.

Our full-service cleaning package is designed to leave your pool sparkling. Our staff balances and maintains water chemistry, skims all the leaves from the surface, scoops any debris from the bottom, and brushes all walls and steps of the pool. We also brush the walls and steps. Repairs are available outside of our weekly pool service. We check and maintain filter pressure to ensure all filtration equipment runs efficiently and make repairs as necessary. We provide weekly and monthly pool service which includes a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services that you can choose to fit your personal schedule. Our professional, highly trained staff will consistently deliver excellent service and thorough explanations of any work performed.

Our mission is to leave your pool “party ready” every week through consistent pool cleaning and filtration inspection. In order to preserve the investment you have in your backyard, weekly pool service is a must.