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Tile and Coping


There are many options available when picking out a tile and coping. Today’s tile choices are expansive ranging from traditional ceramic to stone look, to glass, to decorative mosaic.

Glass Tile: The hottest new tile trend in luxury pools is glass tile, which are small square or rectangular tiles that offer a clean iridescent look. The other feature of glass tile is its reflective properties when submerged.  This allows for a larger border, a portion of which is below the water, that will cause light to reflect sub-surface providing a stunning visual effect.  A good number of our pools are finished with glass tile, sometimes accented with pool bottom mosaics. And FYI, glass tile can be used in cold climates just as well as in warm ones

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile: This class of tile offers a wide variety of choices in both color, pattern, and texture.  From subtle earth tones; to a simple waterline, to a raised spa wall, your tile is a focal point of your poolscape. Our tile selections will help you discover a pool tile that’s a reflection of your own personal style.





Coping is the top ‘cap’ of your pool walls.  The pool coping actually serves a functional purposes by protecting the top of the walls from water intrusion.  But there is no reason why something functional cannot also be beautiful.  Pool coping can come in many forms from manufactured brick to natural stone products. The most frequently used material types for coping are brick, granite, travertine, or bluestone.  Along with an expansive list of colors in brick, we can install all forms of natural stone coping.  We have a beautiful selection of brick, bluestone, granite and travertine coping in either standard sizes or custom fabricated sizes and shapes designed to fit the unique shape of your pool.

Customize the look and feel of your pool with quality tiles and coping from WATER WORKS. We install a full range of luxury finishes to give your pool just the shimmer and texture you’re looking for. From modern glass tile and durable ceramic to natural stone tile and coping, we import the latest trends and the highest quality from around the world to complement any pool style or design theme. Choose from an endless array of texture and color combinations to create a luxury pool interior that’s uniquely you.