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Pool Covers Long Island

Don’t Forget to Cover Your Pool

As we move toward the Autumn and Winter months which will wreak havoc on your pool and cause the possibility of water expanding in the pipes and systems it’s important that you remember to cover your pool.  Pool covers on Long Island help keep the winter temperatures from allowing your pool to freeze over, which can lead to damage of your pool and its working parts.  With the amount of money you’ve invested in your pool, you certainly don’t want to have to replace parts or your pool when it’s time to reopen next spring.

The right name to give you the pool covers on Long Island that are right for your pool is Water Works Group Inc.  This team of professionals has been working with pools and systems for over fifty years.  As a locally and family owned company they understand the challenges that winter temperatures on Long Island can cause for your pool.  When you call them for a pool cover they will install the cover that best fits the needs of your pool to ensure you can have your pool covered all winter long and know it’s going to work for you again in the spring.

Not only will Water Works Group Inc. provide you with a great pool cover, but you can call on them for any pool service you have need of.  They’re the perfect team to provide your pool with weekly maintenance and service called, to perform your summer openings and your winter closings and to maintain any of the equipment that makes your pool function correctly.  Their commitment to quality and timely service give you the knowledge that your pool will be taken care of and allow you to enjoy worry free pool ownership all year long.

When you need pool covers on Long Island you need to contact Water Works Group Inc.  From the smallest home cover for a pool or a hot tub to the large commercial pools they have helped thousands of homes and recreation centers keep their pools properly maintained all year long.  Don’t assume you know what cover will work for your pool, let the experts help you have the right cover for your area to ensure you’ll be able to swim again next spring when the temperature is agreeable.