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Marble Dusting

Marble dust, a smooth plaster finish that is applied to the gunite pool or spa. It’s a mixture of highly refined white cement and crushed marble. This material can be dyed into many colors or purchased in a specific color and aggregate pattern.  While white, or anything in the gray spectrum including black is common, exposed aggregate finishes can provide a unique look to your pool. The marble dust is applied up to the water line followed by rows of tile of your choice. The Marble Dust and Tile give an attractive finish to your Gunite Pool and Spa Scape.
Water Works provides complete marble dusting along with our already popular tile, coping, and pool patio services. We’re proud of our great reputation and our work. Most importantly, our homeowners are friends, and not simply a paycheck.
We understand how it is to be a homeowner who needs and wants a top of the line job, but does not want to and should not have to pay extremely inflated prices. We utilize quality experts that have the expertise and experience of the marble dust trade to leave you completely satisfied with our work.