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Spring Turn On

When spring arrives and freezing temperatures cease, it’s time to turn on irrigation systems and start watering again. However, when you do so, you should take a few very important steps to make sure you do not damage pipes or irrigation components. It is always best to hire a professional contractor. Much like a car that has been sitting idle in a driveway for four, long, freezing cold months, sprinkler systems also benefit from a tune-up before they get back to work keeping the lawn and garden healthy and beautiful throughout the summer. In fact, a few simple steps by homeowners before turning on the automatic sprinkler system will go a long way towards saving water, money and preventing a mid-summer landscape catastrophe.

Water hammer is a rush of water flowing into an empty pipe caused by a surge of air pressure. It can burst fittings, produce geyser-like water eruptions on your lawn, and even cause your system to fail. Our sprinkler system start up services prepare your in-ground sprinklers for the season the right way. As the temperatures warm and the lawn and garden begins to thaw, there is no better time than springtime to make sure your automatic sprinkler system is ready for another season of efficient lawn and garden watering.

At Water Works, we take your sprinkler system turn on seriously. Your system is a complex series of plumbing and electrical parts that require maintenance. Our irrigation spring start up services ensures that your in-ground sprinkler system will be in tip-top working condition throughout the warm weather months.